Production Process

The raw material for the manufacture of wire is wire rod. The wire machine is a long steel obtained through a steelmaking process. Its basic composition is iron and carbon, the latter featuring different graduations that make raw materials "softer" or "harder", depending on the product to be manufactured. Morlan searches in the market the best options of raw materials according to each type of end product.

Wire Pickling

During the storage period the raw material acquires impurities. And pickling is nothing more than the cleaning of these impurities.


It is the process of reduction of the wire rod diameter.


After the wire drawing, it tends to become hard and brittle. Annealing is a heat treatment which allows the drawn wire to become again soft and easy to be worked.


It is the process through which the wire will receive the zinc that has the function of protecting the wire from corrosion.

Quality Control

Quality is an aspect that has always excelled in the context of the manufacture of Morlan’s products.

All the processes, from purchase of raw materials, storage, production processes, packaging, and shipping of products to customers, are rigorously tested and controlled by a team of specialized staff.

All investments made in this sector, since the specialized training of staff to the constant modernization of the industrial park, is intended to keep our products with the highest quality assurance – a differentiated and recognized worldwide quality.

Foreign Trade

Morlan JSC has been exporting its products since 1981, and has been managing to expand its share in the foreign market through intensive work of its staff, which includes the various departments of the company that, uniformly, fully dedicated to the work, which goes from the choice of raw material through the care provided in manufacturing, until reaching the most appropriate packaging and excellent presentation.
Add, besides all the aforementioned care, logistics efforts so that the customer receives the best product on schedule, regardless of port or airport of destination.

This list of factors has led Morlan to create an image of solidity and integrity along with the importers and / or distributors in various regions of the world.

Contact Person

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