Wire Spacer for fences Nelore®

Wire Spacer for fences Nelore®

The Nelore Morlan® Fence Spacer does not require the be tied to the fence because it has a special torsion system that allows it to be perfectly fitted to the fence wires, preventing it from moving and providing even more agility in the construction fences. 

In addition, it offers the possibility of reusing the product in case of fence maintenance.

Resistant and efficient, the Nelore Morlan® fence spacer is made from hot-dip galvanized steel wire for greater protection against corrosion.

They are sold in a 100 unit bundles and the installation must be done as is recommended on the back of the label that accompanies the product or in the installation guide we have on our website.
The main advantages of using Nelore Morlan® fence spacers are:
a) It does not require the be tied to the fence, permitting a faster installation;
b) It enables reuse in cases of fence repair;
c) It allows greater spacing between posts, reducing de cost on posts, staples and even labor, as it facilitates and speeds up the construction of the fence;
d) It promotes compaction of the fence, making it more resistant - we know that when the animal forces the fence, it does this only on the upper part of the fence (which corresponds to the animal's head and chest), and does not force the lower part (which corresponds to the feet). Using the spacer fence, when the animal forces the upper part, it will be supported by the wires at the lower part the fence - making it much more resistant;
e) It maintains the vertical spacing between the wires, preventing the smaller animals to pass between the wires.
In case you prefer a spacer fence that needs to be tied, we have the Morlan® Fence Spacer, sold in a 100 unit bundles and 100 ties for fixation.


Comprimento(Min.) 1,20 m
Diâmetro do fio 3,00 mm
Acondicionamento Feixe c/ 100 unid.

Fabricado com arame zincado


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