Barbed Wire to Electric Fence – Electro 14 ZN3®

Barbed Wire to Electric Fence – Electro 14 ZN3®

The Electro® 14 ZN3 Morlan is used for rural electric fences. It is made from hot dip galvanized steel wire with heavy zinc layer which, besides providing greater protection against corrosion, also favors the conductivity of the electricity throughout the entire fence - even in regions with low corrosion levels, the electric fence requires heavy zinc layer, since zinc has a fundamental role in the conductivity of the electric current.

It is efficient, durable, made from 2.10 mm diameter wire with 500 kgf resistance. 

The electric fence is gradually gaining space among consumers. In general, the great economical differential of an electric fence when compared to a conventional fence is the agility in the construction and the economy of materials (wire, posts, clamps, spacers). On the other hand, for a perfect performance of the electric fence, it is necessary to follow strict construction standards and maintenance precautions.

Another wire option for an electric fence is the Electro® 15 ZN3 Morlan, made from 1.83 mm diameter wire, which offers an ideal resistance for rural electric fences (250 kg) combined with a lower cost for the consumer.

As a matter of fact it is necessary to know about the difference between a conventional fence and an electric fence: what holds the cattle in case of a conventional fence is the physical barrier (the resistance of the fence), but in case of an electric fence, what holds cattle is the reminder of the painful sensation of the shock. Therefore, for a great electric fence, it does not have to be too resistant, but rather that, it has to have excellent capacity of conductivity of the electricity throughout its length - It really works because before being released in the pasture, the cattle are trapped in a small area, surrounded by an electric fence, known as “school pasture” where they will learn that every time they touch the fence they will receive a shock. After one or two shocks, the animal will no longer come near the fence, not even to graze - which is why the grass grows under the fence and needs constant maintenance.

In addition to this period of adaptation of the animal in the “school pasture”, for the proper functioning of the electric fence, several other precautions are necessary, from the installation (which must be done using only specific products for electric fences, such as case of the Electro 14 Morlan ZN3 wire, electrifiers, insulators, accessories, etc.) for the maintenance and cleaning of vegetation near the fence.



Comprimento(Min.) 1000 - 500m
Carga Min. Ruptura 500 kgf
Diâmetro dos fios 2,10 mm
Resistência elétrica 0,0503 Ω/m
Camada de Zinco Pesada