Barbed Wire Nelore®
Barbed Wire Nelore®

Nelore is the best seller barbed wire in Brazil. It receives a thin layer of zinc and has minimal resistance rating of 250 kgf.
As all the barbed material made of alternating twist, Nelore presents very sharp, strong barbs, they don’t move, they are externally sticked and positioned at a distance of 5 “(125 mm) from one to another.
This barbwire is sold in rolls of 500, 250 and 100 m. To facilitate handling, except for the individual 100 m roll, the Nelore is packed with special wrapping.
It is currently the best option in barbed wire for fencing because it offers high strength and durability, combined with the flexibility and ease of handling.


Comprimento (Min.) 500 - 250 - 100 m
Carga Min. Ruptura Classe 250
Diâmetro dos fios 1,60 mm
Espaçamento entre Farpas 125 mm
Camada de Zinco Leve

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